The Who He Made

January 9, 2018

Who are you? 

Pretty simple question, right? But no really, who are you?


I thought I had that question down pat. I'm a college student, graphic designer/photographer who loves scented candles and sunlight and all things inspiring. That sums me up pretty well, right? But then, let me phrase this question a little differently:

Who are you when you laugh free and dream big and talk long with your best friend? Who are you when you are alone with God and spill out what's on your mind for real, not just the small talk that you just passed along to a classmate on the walk to lunch? What are the things you dream about day in and day out but can't bring yourself to tell everyone in full because it's a little crazy and a lot too special to just spill out in the open?

What makes you alive inside?

What gives you joy? 

What's the heart and soul of your life about?

THAT'S the kind of "who are you" that I'm looking for. And THAT'S the kind of "who are you" that I think we don't see enough of.


I've been seeing this a lot these past years- I've talked to friends who say they want to write a book, who have their own blog already, who create and dream and even do and yet talking about these passions and dreams usually only lasts a moment or two until we get back to talking "real life." It's like we're ashamed to show others the big dreams, the weighty missions, or even just simple talents and passions God's given us to steward. We prefer to wait until they're a thing and are on solid footing and then maybe it's legit to talk about.

And yeah, I get it. I've done this all my life. Guilty :/ It's scary talking about who I am at my core - about my story, my deepest desires, the visions I've dreamed up with God, (even this dream of starting a blog!!) - because it's a leap into some big stuff that we're not sure what it'll take to get there or what people will think, and not everyone's on the same page. Not everyone thinks it's normal to dream big and do big and then let that be a part of your everyday because it's WHO YOU ARE!

But I think that once we start having a conversation about those big, crazy things God's called us to, designed us for, put a spark to the match of our deepest passions, then maybe we'd see a whole lot more crazy awesome beauty in this world of all the who's God has created.

And I'm not talking about a prideful "who are you" but that itch inside of you that might be kinda crazy and kinda wacky but was put in you for a reason and is being called out by a God Who thinks it was worth His time to design and put in you.

You're made by a God Who dreamed up a who He longed to commune with - THAT in and of itself is an incredible part of WHO YOU ARE and means that all the other parts of your whole self is worth sharing and spreading because it's a magnification of God's handiwork on this earth and an ode to His glory. And THAT'S what we were MADE for, to give glory to Him. 


So I'll share with you who I am in these next weeks and months of this blog, this new adventure, but I want to hear who YOU are!! And even if I don't get to hear directly, I hope you'll start being real about the things that touch you at your core and lean into them so they start coming out in the everyday. And that you'll be the one to invite others to open up and share who they are beyond the superficial and the small talk and the supposed everyday. I can say that this right here is a safe place for that - to dream big and do big TOGETHER 🙂

So, I have a question for you, what part of your whole self are you not sharing because it's just not what people get into? Who were you made to be, what were you designed to do with your life, with your whole being, and how are you doing that TODAY? 

Ok, thanks for stepping by 🙂 Go be the who God created you to be - in the every day, every moment, and don't be shy about it because it's the very breath of God Who breathed that into you and He's ready to see you come alive in His design for you and your passions.


(P.S.: All this talk about who's who is bringing me back to Dr. Seuss- anyone feel me?? But hey, this is what's been on my heart and I couldn't find any other way to say it 😂😂)

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